i'll be needing your help...
i need a popular love song from a popular sing or artist that is easy to learn and to guitar... please comment back....
Wonderwall-Oasis is always a great option

Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton

I suppose Growing Old with You-Adam Sandler is an option as well
I'm Always Thinking...

Your song by Elton John, almost guaranteed to melt the chicks lovely arpeggiated stuff. Of course, there's always Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin lol, that's a bit more to the point.
I Cum Blood??

On a serious note, if you want a love song with a more of a rock edge then "You"- Black stone cherry is a great love song. If you want a cleaner cut love song, any of the classics will do, especially Your Song by Elton John.
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