It's not too popular of a brand, "Douglas".

Crappy pickups, I can swap them out. Licensed tremolo. No problem for me. Might upgrade to grover tuners as well if I get it. Body: Hard maple, it's in great shape too with a killer paint job.

The guy want's $50 plus shipping. Sounds too good to be true?!

What are specific questions I should ask him?
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imo, douglas are not very good, quality wise. i've played a douglas bass and it didn't feel good. it didn't sound good either. but for $50, why the hell not? go for it.
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go for it....$50 is nothing..you got nothing to lose..and if the guitar sucks so bad..(guessin it will cuz of the price..)you can always modify it to your likin...and it would be a killer guitar then...
Well maple seems like a great tonewood and if the neck is too thick i could always swap it out for an ibanez neck.. and drop a hotrodded pickup set in
$50 seems pretty cheap... those go for $150 new (plus shipping)

As a brand, Douglas guitars tend to be hit-or-miss. Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes not. Usually, you have to do a little setup work & at least replace the electronics to get them up to par.

The Floyd on that one looks a little out of whack in the pic you posted... the baseplate doesn't appear to run parallel to the bridge humbucker ring & something looks off in the trem route. Both of these could be caused by a poor setup (bridge leaning forward) or the pic being taken from a weird angle, but it could be a result of the bridge being installed incorrectly.

If it were me, I'd jump on it for $50, as I've repaired/ replaced/ retro-fitted Floyd-Rose type tremolos several times over the years.
P.S. Why on earth would you upgrade the tuners on a guitar with a locking nut?
Err oh crap I forgot about that.

Never owned a floyd equipped guitar so i completely forgot haha! forget that.

it's basswood, huh. Maybe if i got it and dropped the hotrodded set it would be a good metal axe? or the jazz pickup would really give me some nice bluesy cleans..