Would putting EMG pickups in a Gibson Flying V improve its sound or totally destroy it? I play heavy metal, which EMGs and Flying Vs are good for. Are there any other pickups that are good with Flying Vs besides EMG?
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The only thing that will destroy your tone is that Line 6 in your sig.

But seriously I think you should be alright. It's up to you if you'll like it or not.
If you don't have a good tube amp it will completely destroy it's tone. If you do have a good tube amp it will sound different, but not better or worse.
I like the sound of Flying Vs as they are, I'm not much of an active pickup guy, you might have guessed.

Listen to UFO's Strangers In The Night, and you'll see how good they sound stock. Through a Marshal Plexi though.
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Well i just put an EMG 81 in my Ibanez RG3EX yesterday
It has a LOT of output, so it makes my line 6 (same as yours) sound even ****tier

But the pickup itself sounds awesome, so if you're like me and plan to buy a new amp soon (peavy for me) then i say go for it

(but i dont know anything about flying v's, so i might be wrong)

Yup as Uncle said, without a decent tube amp, there is not much point in having EMGs. In fact, it might even muddy your tone *more* than having passive pickups in a SS or hybrid amp...
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