I have an '86 Carvin V220 with a kahler locking trem system. Recently, the locking hex bolt assembly on the low E/A portion of the locking pre-nut/string tree had become increasingly difficult to turn, and while I was replacing a broken string a while ago, I managed to strip the hex bolt head, so now it's more of a circle. I've tried turning it with a vice grip and pliers, but there's no way to get a good grip. Are there other things I could try to get the bolt and plate off so I can replace them, like drilling or a hacksaw, or should I just order a whole new locking pre-nut/string tree assembly?
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Ah unlucky mate. This happened to me once and I tried everything to get it out. I finally got it by jamming the allen key(hex bolt thing) in at a weird angle and it managed to catch some sort of thread in the circle that once was my nut. So I suggest try the allen key a at different angles otherwise maybe put like some rubber or something around the nut then using plier so it has grip...i dunno. Good luck.
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Slot for flat head screwdriver & extract?
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You should be able to buy a new bolt from a decent guitar shop - I'd take the old one in and ask.

As for getting the old one out, I'm with the guy that said cut a slot in it. do it slowly cos you could easily scratch the finish.
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1 trick if you have a dremel is use a cutoff wheel and cut a slot in the head of the bolt a screwdriver will fit in. A hacksaw blade can make a slot to, just need to be careful. Should be enough to get it out so you can buy another.
That really sucks, many times I have stripped those little things. Mind you, I never crank down on them ever, I tighten just enough so that you cant unscrew it manually. I would definitely agree with the other guys about cutting through it so you can wedge a flat head in there, but I would resort to that last.

I would suggest that you tightly wrap a rubber band around it, then go at it with the vice grip again.

Then for replacement, GuitarCenter should have what you need. 3 Replacement nut blocks, and 3 screws supplied by AllParts.
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