A little schmaltz I put together today I call
'No More Fab Four (or record store)'

I know it is loose in places but I worked it most of
the day, I am tired and fed up with it and this is all
the attention this one is going to get for now.

Thanks for any production thoughts pending any
future re-mixes.



Well not so very long ago or all that / Far away
We'd spin our dusty 45's just to / Hear them play

And when they started singing
You felt the music bringing
You to a place you've been before
Thats not here anymore

Come back in time my baby
Once again
Don't ever forget all of the
Things we've been
Come back in time my baby
Lets pretend

Lets hang out at the record store
Thats not there anymore.
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Quote by riffmasterjosh
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Hey thanks for the heads up Josh..

I think I fixed it now..

Without you telling me I likely would of never known.
No one??

Not even a 'thats dumb' or a 'thats silly' or 'what the hell were you thinking'?

I'll even provide the tomatoes if ya want to toss some..