I'm buyin a Fender American Standard Strat and I want to upgrade my amp too..

Right now I have a 25 watt peavey rage 258 and I want something better.

Budget for the amp is 500$, help me out
That is kind of a loaded question. Strats can play lots of stuff.

what is your music style and do you play live or anything or with a drummer?

new or used (there are good deals on the latter-check your craigslist.com if you are in the States and tell us what you see. If anything as a guide.
Peavey Valveking 112.

I have one.

I have a strat.

I love it.

That's just my opinion, but it's my favorite amp ever, and I'm not getting a new one anytime soon.
It's a process, not an event.
^How many amps have you played, if the VK is your fave?

To the TS; it depends on what you want from your tone. Specificity.
what music do you play?
what kind of tone are you going for?
are you gigging, touring, jamming or what with this?

EDIT: also, type of amp? ie combo ect.
a peavey bandit 112 is a okay amp if you want to do some jamming and that kind a stuff... but if you want to play gigs and all that you should put a little more money into it and get yourself a fender or a vox amp.. they are just awesome with a stratocaster...
Fender super champ? I dont know what music you play, so I gave one with modeling.
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