I'm building a custom tele, and need to choose some pickups. I play classic rock, funk, blues, and some alternative. I need something that's got some punch, but still has that nice clean sound telecasters are known for. As far as distortion, I play stuff with moderate fuzz, but it's not metal or anything. I do use a decent amount for solos, and that's kind of important to me too. I've been looking at the Fender noiseless and the Texas custom shop set. Also, are there others that would fit?? I would like to stay with fender if possible, but will consider other brands. Cost wise, anywhere from 100-150 for the set is my price range. What should I get??
i would go for duncan P-rails if you have the money, you can switch between very nice strat/tele rich, clean tones, a middle fuzzy rock tone, and a heavier SG/LP sound, all from your guitar.