Can you guys recommend me some really good headphones. Am moving out to Uni in a few weeks time and would prefer not to move my amp around.

The Bose noise canceller things are realllllllly nice, but reallllllly expensive
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I have a few cans. I mainly use my Audio technica ATH-m30s. They are not the most expensive ones I own but they are the best in my opinion. At least out of the ones I own. They go for around $50-55 online. Maybe the K81Djs would be good too, depends on what you want to spend.

but I did modify them.

Cut cord, reterminated it with a female 1/4" plug (like a guitar one). Now I have a 20' staight and a 20' coiled cords that I can switch out when I want to (either at work or at home). The two extra cords I have are 1/4" male to 1/8" male.

The ATH-M30s original cord ends in a 1/8" headphone jack, but it comes with a 1/4" attachment that screws on so it'll work with your guitar. I plug it into my amp but either way.
I use AKG K240 headphones and they are amazing. They have been discontinued for the K 242 but they are pretty much the same. Before that I some pioner HDJ1000 headphones but I didn't like them nearly as much. The closed back on them was good for getting rid of background noise (which is why DJ's like them) but the overall tone isn't as good.
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http://www.goodcans.com/ is a site full of headphone reviews. "Really good" is a relative term, but I have the Grado SR80's and they sound better than any headphone I've ever heard.


edit: here's a quote from their review of my headphones. I paid under $100 from amazon.

"Grado SR60 and SR80 - Hands down, these are our favorite headphones! Why! Because the price/performance ratio is about the highest we have found. Compared to the average, under $50 closed package, department store headphone; the detail offered by these Grados is a huge, noticeable improvement! And, though you can spend a lot more money on headphones, the improvement in sound quality those hundred dollar plus Cans have over the SR80’s will only be minor no matter how much you spend! FYI, Grado's are very "Open" headphones. Sound leaks in and out so they may not be appropriate for use in some public applications. Grado's are easy to drive so they are popular for both home and portable use. "
Grados are great if you want open headphones, I'm more of a closed can guy. I dont have any open ones.
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Grados are great if you want open headphones, I'm more of a closed can guy. I dont have any open ones.

I'm not arguing with you, but have you used a pair of grados? I work in a quiet engineering firm, and I use them all the time at work, cranked up. I've asked and no one is bothered at all by the minimal noise levels.

I suppose it depends on your surroundings and what you listen to, but I'll just say they are a lot quieter (to other people) than I thought.

yeah thats right in the range of the ATH-M30s or the k81djs. I figured your budget was around $50 usd. So I didn;t recommend any real expensive ones.

But I think comfort level has a lot to do with liking the headphones, especially if your going to wera them for a long period of time. One of my headphones just dont fit me right and I get a lot of backround noise at work.

Maybe harder to get good headphones for you since your in uk. I'm in us and I paid nearly exactly 30 pounds for my heaphones ($53 usd). But they are around 45 pounds in uk. But they are japanese if that has anything to do with it.

about the open headphones, I had one a while ago, but I didn't like the sound. I work in a loud environment and I like the isolation of the closed cans. I've tried out Grados, the rs-2, and it sounded great, just out of my price range really. The lower end grados are probably great too.
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Yeah I suppose when I heard comments about the open chamber headphones, I was thinking about my sound getting out. When it's really an issue is noise getting in. You have to have them cranked if you want to drown out other noises. Good point. Probably not a good fit for playing with guitars.