Currently ive been feeding my schecter XXX with invader pickups into an metalcore pedal into a 30 watt crappy marshal ( not the best rig...) and then into the computer and not using any effects on the programs... ive tried both the garage band and logic distortions and i thought that they were pretty "fake" sounding... any advice on how to get a better metal sound on garage band or logic? or do i need to improve my equipment?
Improve your equipment. Or download Guitar Rig and plug directly in.
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Get a new amp.
Cause ur amp is a MG so...yeah.
Get a tube amp and then you'll sound good.
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GTR by Waves.


Best guitar sim VST in my opinion. Are you micing the MG? What interface/mics are you using to record?

EDIT: Check out this deal Waves is running. $100 for an iGTR and GTR Solo
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