Poll: What should i do with this clumb of ickle baby spiders?
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Move them to the garden, freedom!
101 22%
Kill them. With fire.
314 68%
Leave them...
17 4%
I'm an Aussie and spiders are so big that they are allowed to vote!
29 6%
Voters: 463.
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There is a nest of baby spiders in the corner my bedroom ceiling!

It wasn't there this morning when i went to work, but just 10 minutes ago i got out the shower, and i notice this grey thing in the corner, so i have a closer look: It's a clump of baby spiders, with their tiny, defiante mother next to them making a (Inaudiable) "Grrrr!" noise at anything that moves.

Now, these maybe money spiders (i'm not talking about spiders as big as your hands laying eggs the size of footballs in my room, this isn't Arachnophobia...Or Australia )

But i just cant sleep tonight knowing that those tiny little buggers could easily crawl down from the ceiling and into my mouth and tinkle my tonsals. Or worse.

Should i move them, say, to my shed? Or kill em, even though i believe all creatures deserve a chance of life, even Josef Fritzl? (minus a head).

And does anyone else have other spider stories?

And if your saying "Oh, there is a spider thread everyday, searchbar noob" then actually your wrong, it's every OTHER day, ballbag


(Btw: Poll and maybe pics coming up)
(Btw2: I really don;t like spiders. At all.)
wow. That's really creepy, I hate spiders too dude. I would kill them, or try to move them. I would probably kill them before I moved them though.
But that's just me
Uhh sorry if you see me as heartless but if it were me, i would make sure every one of them were dead...like not just stomped on, i would make sure they were DEAD.
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Quote by Jaymz_515


Just to motivate you:

Really quickly.

oh **** KILL THEM!!!
Jackson Performer PS4 (soon to be sold)
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I've never understood why people are so afraid of spiders in countries when they're guaranteed to be harmless.

On the other hand, an excuse to use a flamethrower is an excuse to use a flamethrower...
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我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡¤




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There is only one solution to a problem like this...

That should take of them.
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Get some paper towels and scoop 'em up into a box and let them out outside.
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I'd just move them. They regulate the flying pest population.
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It's just like that, but only a TINY, TINY scale.

No! Spiders never compromise, they'll be sucking your blood through your eyes in no time.



I just caught a glimpse of the picture.
I'm not going to read your post now.

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get a big ole can of Raid and blast those ****ers to kingdom come...I hate spiders so much. I'm afraid if I try and get em with a shoe they'll jump on me :p
You could keep 'em somewhere safe until they grow to the size of the mother and use them to wreak havoc on your enemies...

I would use fire though.
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No! Spiders never compromise, they'll be sucking your blood through your eyes in no time.

I told you, it's going to be like that film about some really dangerous spiders, and they attack this guys family, and he has a real FEAR of spiders....I think the film was called..."The Guy Who Hated Spiders"
deoderant spray + matches = flamethrower :P
Have fun
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Im sorry but id just kill them all, i freakin hate spiders
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To be honest, as much as I dislike Spiders, I never kill them if possible, I'd do as has been said and move them with paper and stuff, put them outside, somewhere sheltered.



move them and set them free...
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Wait, they're money spiders?

They're what, 5mm long?!

Either way, burnnnnn themmmm
Without burning you house down of course :P
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Wait, they're money spiders?

They're what, 5mm long?!

Not even that. And the babies are just lil black dots.

They'll be voting for Labour by Friday.
Quick !

Spin in circles saying "Ew ew ew ew ew" until they dissapear

thats what I would do
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Just grab the hoover and vacuum them into oblivion.

Thats not a bad idea...The hoover is already in..My room...


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I'd just move them. They regulate the flying pest population.

Everyone knows that spiders are the Bob Barkers of the insect world
"Remember to get your flies spayed or neutered."
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It's not their fault they were born in your room
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use a vacuumcleaner (sp?) and suck the little bastards up, and then move them outside.

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kill all of them but 1. and take that one under your wing and train him to do stealth operations. teach him deadly martial arts and use him as a weapon. feed him roids and inflict him with with microwave radiation so he grows huge. thats what i did with this spider http://www.richard-seaman.com/Wallpaper/Nature/Spiders/DaringJumpingSpider.jpg

honestly i had a pet daring jumping spider that a friend caught. he was a savage. i loved watching this spider jump and kill crickets. my friend named him MDB (mack dog bitches) cause he was. one day when on of my friends had him at his house his mom let it go. we were so pissed.

other than that spider i hate all spiders. once i was behind my house and i lifted up a piece of plywood that was leaning up against my house and literally an INCH away from my hand was a hude black widow. suffice to say i screamed like a little girl and proceded to stomp the bitch to oblivion.

ive also had 2 pet tarantulas. (both i caught in the wild) they both died though. did you know they hiss/scream at you? its creepy as hell.
Oh man!
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move them into someones room, then when they annoy you, just say "by the way there are thousands of spiders living in your closet" and they will never be able to sleep again.
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Move em to garden!!!

Don't kill the poor things. What did they ever do to you??!
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Oh man!

Oh God!
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