alright so i play bass and a little guitar (but not much guitar at all). ive wanted to expand my horizons by actually purchasing a guitar. ive heard good things about the old peavey guitars and bass' and as a flook actually found one in pretty good condition at a guitar center for 300. all the tuning keys are nicely fastened and not loose and the knobs seem fine. all in all, what is your opinion on the peavey t-25 electric guitars?
$300? That is an arm and a leg for those. you can get a near mint T-40 for that case, and the T-40s are better guitars imo with better electronics, bridges, and pickups.
do you mean t-60? t-40 is the bass. yeh i guess so. i wana try and talk them down but overall it felt pretty solid and seemed to play pretty well with my little experiance