Hey there,

I'm planning on buying a new electric/acoustic guitar.

And i was thinking of this model Larrivee L-03RE

My question is, when you go with a cutaway model, do you lose any tone or volume?

I was thinking that a cutaway would be a good choice for me, because i am a lead player, and getting at those highnotes would be a nice change.

Best regards.
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you don't really need the link, more so, i'm wondering about the effects that a cutaway has on a guitar.
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It doesn't affect sound so much that it'll be clearly audible, at least not by the avarage listener.
Neither does it improve upneck playability by a spectacular amount. It makes working on those high frets a little bit easyer, but not at all comparable with an electric.

For reasons never satisfactory explained to me manufacturers like to sell their acoustic only's as a full body, while they offer their electro-acoustics with cutaway, so a lot of people end up with one not because they wanted upneck accessabilty, but because they opted to have electronics. Those who prefer aftermarket electrics or non at all end up with a fullbody, whether they like it or not. It's a situation taken for granted by most. Shredding on the second octave is hardly an issue among acoustic players.
cool, thanks for the info.

for your info, Larrivee offers full bodied guitars with it's electronics.
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Larrivee's are great guitars. But for the extra money a cutaway costs, be sure that you'll actually use it.
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