they're really close to being not bad. but they are. not for me. I like how their top friends include deathwish and sigur ros
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You guys do realize that this
moved in any position isn't a tritone. There is only two tones in that chord, the root and the diminished fifth.

considering all the talents that the concluding members have its pretty ****, but then again its only a side project.
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damn, you guys are killing me

well i could name about 10 screamo albums this year that top this
Loma Prieta - Last City
Off Minor - Some Blood
...Who Calls So Loud - S/T
Raein - new album (forgot the name, it's on their myspace)
Men As Trees - Weltschmerz
Sinaloa - Oceans of Islands
Magdalene - S/T
Ghost Towns - 7" (only 2 songs, but 2 amazing songs)
Pyramids - Through the Hourglass
Usurp Synapse - new songs (not a release but they're new songs on their myspace which ****ing kill)
I didn't think I could either, until I heard "Come Outside and Warm Yourself By the Wolf's Sun". amazing song...
I actually really enjoyed the album, but as it has already been mentioned I had expected something maybe of a little higher calliber that what was released, just judging on who participated.
Cory is a girl's name too.


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