Hey everyone.

I have a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special and I got it a few months ago used. All of a sudden the bridge pickup is significantly quieter than the neck pickup... full decibels. This happened over the course of a trip back to school with it. It was hardshell cased.

Now for the funny part, the pickup works and the potentiometers still adjust volume/tone. Passive pickups die? Could it be a wiring issue? Can a passive pickup somehow get messed up? Anything strange might happen when using it through a recording interface like an Audiobox or FastTrack? I can't figure this out.

Thanks for any help!
Well i haven't heard good things about the gibson specials... maybe some of the wiring got loose when it was jolted around? Check the wiring to see if it all looks like it has a solid connection. If it does, it might just be the pickup.
Pickups don't just break. It's most likely a wire. Just have a check inside, and see if anythings wrong.
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Maybe the springs holding up the pickup slipped out of place. Happened on my Epiphone, basically the pickup fell into the slot.
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Its pretty rare for a pickup to just quit. If it did quit it wouldnt work at all. The gibson style switches are known for going out or its going to be a solder joint.