When doing 1 hand tapping on a single string (like in eruption for example), I find that the other strings begin to make noise even though I am not touching them. Does anyone have any tips for eliminating this?

Mute them with your right hand.

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Practice not making noise on the other strings by muting them with your other hand.
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noise limiter if you use Guitar rig, add one to the rig, and you will see what I mean, perfect results
you could tie a sock to your neck, near the top (close to the headstock) so it mutes open strings, but its frowned upon if you do this on stage.
it is kind of a cheap way and sometimes looked down apon by elite guitarists but you can wrap a headband or some sort of sock/cloth or w/e around the first fret just a little bit to dampen all the strings. also this only works in songs that don't use open strings or first fret notes.
you could... mute them... with your right hand........

how else would you do it?

and btw a noise limiter reduces hum not string noise
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Thats it.
You just have to practice putting your palm basically on the other strings to stop them ringing, or whatever part of your hand feels most comfortable.
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