I've been playing for like 1 year and I learned by myself. Maybe I learn backward 'cause I start to play lead (single note approach) instead of rythmn. So I have alot of difficulty to figure out strumming pattern on some acoustic part.

I'm able to play Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit, You and Me and very easy stuff like that but yesterday I tried to learn Throught the Glass from Stone Sour and even with PowerTab I have trouble to get the rythmn done. I never know when to Down/Up or Down/Down/Up... or anything like that.

Someone have a tips.. or exercises or maybe even easy song to build skills on? Thanks for taking the time to read.
Best advice is just to listen to the song and try and replicate it. Alot of people have trouble with strumming patterns, ive never had an issues so i cant really give much advice but it seems like everything else................practice until it sounds right.
I know it must suck being told this one year into learning guitar, but: keep practicing!

It won't take too long, it's not that hard

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i did that
and now im learning rythym
but i dont really need too seeing as i play lead
my advice is to just practise basic,like up,down,up,up,down and go on from there
it takes time,but dont let it get you frustrated!
thats what i done and im probley never gonna learn coz i get annoyed easily
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Try and count the longest notes first, just like quarter notes and then see if you can fit in the rhythm from there (the eighths and/or sixteenths). That's really explaining it well, but it works for me and it helps visualize the pattern in your head.
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usually, a strumming pattern is split up into beats:
a song in 4/4 timing will usually have alternate strums (down, up, down, up), with the down strum on the beat, and the up strum in between the beats, so 8 strums to 1 bar (playing quavers, or 8th notes).
however, no song just strums like that because it would be boring, so listen to it, and hear where the notes are against the beat. any strums that last a crotchet (4th note), on the beat, strum down, then strum up, but don't hit the string, and vice versa.
so, you constantly strum down and up in time with the music, but only hit the strings when you need to, and strumming higher than the strings when theres a longer note in there.
hope this helps.
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What I find the best way of getting a strumming pattern is is to start strumming along in a continuous rhythm (like 8th notes) and slowly take out the strums that sound wrong by muting the strings and/or moving my picking hand away from them as well.

The key is to keep your hand moving in rhythm even when you're not actually playing the strings, that should help keep your sense of timing solid.
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