I have not been a Slipknot fan in the past. I heard a song on the radio that totally ripped, turns out it was Psychosocial. I've been trying to get into them but just can't.

My question is this. In every song I've heard all I hear is guitar, drums, bass, and vox. What exactly do the other four guys do? lol.

I'm learning to become a producer, so trying to distinguish parts in a mix intrigues me.
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Do a barrel roll.
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I am a Slipknot fan. The other guys used to do more, but on the new cd and the last one they dont do really anything. They have really changed on the new one. So they have a percussionist, sound sampler? i think and i dont know what the other ****s do.
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One hits a barrel alot, one does samples, one just breaks himself, and the other one is the percussionist

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There are 2 guys that play "Custom Percussion" meaning they play a little bit on these beer kegs and random drums.

THere's also 1 guy who does samples, they're these odd sounds and harmonies for vocals; he basically presses a few buttons..

And then there's 1 DJ
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I don't understand why anyone would want to get into Slipknot. In my opinion, they're exactly like KISS; a show band.
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