I'm looking to get a new guitar, not because I need one, but because I want a decent metal guitar, w/ 24 frets, something my current guitar doesn't have. After browsing the websites of the various brands, jackson, ESP, Ibanez, I've concluded that something like the Ibanez S5470 is what I would like to get. I have the read reviews for this guitar but I would like additional input as to the playability and anything relating to this guitar. Also, if you know of a guitar that is similar to it, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Any help would be great,

at that price, you'll really want to try before you buy.

anyhoo, i used to own an ibanez SA series guitar, which is has a similar body/ neck, and it was light, and felt pretty good to hold, but the neck wasnt the best
it was alot cheaper than a S5470 tho btw
Thanks, ya, I have tried out a few S series guitars, and I like the feel, but I agree at the price tag of around 1500 I need to try an S5470 itself, however, my local music store doesn't have any in stock and they won't order any unless I am confirmed that I am buying, oh well, I'll keep looking for one to try, thanks again.
lots of people like it lots of people don't. this is a type of guitar you have to play for yourself because i have a friend who bought one without paying and hates the neck
Thanks, I think I definitely need to find one and play it before I go any further in the buying process, appreciate the feedback.