Started this a couple days ago. Not sure if I should add to it or not.
There's some melodic riffs, heavy stuff, classic rock guitar licks
and then some. Started out as a couple bass riffs I liked to mess around with. Tell me what you think, C4C of course!
A Sad Beggining.zip
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friend, your composition is as strange as the word strange is.BUT, i like it!your writing style is a bit weird as i sad, but what can i say?mine's also.though i dont write your kind of stuff.surely, you ma wanna look again for some mistakes, i like the drums a lot, but everything is almost just fine.cant spot now any mistakes.was a pleasure to listen to it man!
succes on your future writings and congrats on thsi one
maybe check the GP i made its in my profile as an mp3 please?
Hey thanks for your crit.

Massively cool song! I really enjoyed the writing style, How you moved from the repeated symphonic sections to the linear progressive sections was excellent. The symphonic stuff sticks in your head and the other sections make you scratch your head, you've got the best of both worlds here. The stand out moment in the song was the dual guitar section near the end of the song, I ****ing loved that part, so chaotic. It will take me several listens to even understand the whole song and this will add a lot of replay value to your music.

The drums and bass were superb, but the drums were mixed way too low, I like my drums loud and clear. O and there were some fade-in and outs in the midi track that don't sound like they should be there.

Good job
Thanks for the crit.

I like the melody you have going starting around 22 seconds. The bass break around 50 seconds seemed a bit out of place to me and the guitars that start around that point are pretty strange, however unique. I must say your riffs are pretty original, when I thought you were going to have a "steady" one like at around 1:50 or 2:20 you turned it around. This can get distracting, or maybe confusing, at times but you stick with it the whole song. 3:07 seemed to be a random entrance, but the part itself is pretty cool. I think the guitars around 3:30 or so and so forth should be mixed a bit higher though. The solo around 4:20 is the highlight of the song, it gets to be very chaotic but not to a point to where its just too chaotic.

Your writing style and the riffs are pretty unique and that flowed through the whole song.

Nice job
To start off that begginning part is strange But trust that is a really good thing.

Its unique and Has A good Feel.

I think the solo and the Rythem near the end of the solo are the best parts.

For me it really starts to take off and get good from 66 and after.

To put it simple I think its A 9.75/10.

It is a really really good song and I think it can take you places if you can find a band to play it with.