i just over did the big E string whilst restringing my acoustic guitar and it snapped, was wondering if it might of damaged my guitar, i cant see any damage but with it being a tough string to break, iam little bit worried i might of damaged my guitar?

ps: dont ask me how i did it cause i new something wasnt right as i just kept tightening it and it wouldnt hit the E note on my tuner, i did have one ear of my head phones on listening to music whilst doing it. Has anyone else ever over done the big E whilst restringing?
If I didn't read your whole comment I would have asked you how you did it. I don't think it would have done any damage to your guitar. I think if it was a bass you'd have a problem.
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The only damage that I could imagine would happen would be a loose tuner afterward - but that is easy to fix with a screwdriver. What gauge strings are you using?

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I doubt there's any real damage if you can't see anything. Do check the tuner though.
yeah, like you said, the tuner is a bit loose, i was using extra light elixir strings and yeah, i feel such a dumb ass, i hadnt changed my strings since i bought my guitar about two years ago because they where anti rust strings and i still seemed to get a good sound out of them, i now have a new set on with the old big E string on, so iam not going to use it again till my new strings arrive.

thanks btw