I just started playing guitar 4 months again I pick up tab really easy and power chords but I cant play chords. Lots of people ask me oh you play Guitar and when they come over they go, go on play something Im just doing Grade 1 its like baby work I dont want to play it to them haha ... im playing guitar at school also. I tried to look up a nice medium level song not very easy not to hard, as I only have been playing 4 months but the tab is like 14ph 13ph I dont understand all that ... anyone got simple tab but a nice song I can show off at? If not Im sure my guitar teacher can explain that confusing tab

Smoke On The Water, Smells Like Teen Spirit, you know any simple riffs are good to play in front of ppl or just for fun.

People also enjoy some blues since it has a nice feel to it, to learn the 12 bar blues progression you can use power chords for that.
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Mama Kin by Aerosmith. Has alot of basic rock rhythm.
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some black sabbath maybe?
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The 1st time we met our ex singer/rhythm guitarist he played n sung "Sweet Dreams"
Everyone thought it was awesome =S
the next band practice we had we found out it was the only riff he knew, we covered sweet dreams for months XD
I left thankfully
They are still covering that song to this day. =/
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