yo ive always wondered why guitar stores wouldnt let u play Stairway to heaven....can sum1 explain to me why?
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Everyone hates led zeppelin.
Is this a serious question?
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
They've heard it so much that it's got annoying to the point where they would rather listen to you farting.
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Well everyone would play it and working from 9-5 and constantly hearing bad renditions of stairway, eruption and otheres would send anyone crazy
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They'll only let you if you have a double neck guitar and your name's Jimmy Page.
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Two reasons:

1. Have you any idea how many people would play it? How annoying would that be if you worked there, hearing those 4 bars of music over and over?

2. Everyone slaughters it, so not only would they have to listen to it being played 100 times a day, they'd have to hear it played badly 60 times a day.
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