james cameron, the guy behind action sci-fi movies like terminator 1 and 2, aliens (the sequel), and the abyss, is currently working on two 3-D films. they will be his first films since titanic. i dont know if it's just me, but i'm crazy excited.

the first will be avatar, not to be confused with the nickelodeon show. something about an interplanetary war between humans and a humanoid race called na'vi.

and then a live action adaptation of the anime/manga battle angel. it's about a cyborg named alita that was discovered in a junkyard by a scientist. after being repaired she turns out to have amnesia and tries to remember her past. i'm so excited for this one because, well.. how awesome was terminator??
How are they going to be 3-D? That sounds like it could be cool, but more likely quite lame.
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It sounds a little gimicky, but I'll still see them because I'm a nerd and into sci/fi and it could be awesome.
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Avatar has James Cameron directing and Sigourney Weaver starring, it can't fail (i hope)
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That's weird, the last person I'd expect that from would be James Cameron. Hopefully the actual movie subject matter/plot won't suffer.

ever heard of terminator 2: 3-D?
This had better be good.
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it wont compare to titanic

no, it wont compare, because titanic is an orange (drama/history) and battle angel is an apple (3-D action/sci-fi).

ahh, I wanted to kill that fairy so bad...
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it wont compare to titanic

I hope it doesn't compare, seeing as Titanic is a poor film.
So the first movie is a sci fi movie with Sigourney Weaver in it. But not as Ellen Ripley. How effin sad.