hey everybody

I want to upgrade from my Vox Ad50 VT 212 and sell it and than get a tube amp. Now I have a price range of about $700 if there is something really awesome I would spend more but also wouldn't say no to something cheaper. I play a lot of classic rock like Led Zeppelin, eric clapton, ....... but also a lot of completely clean stuff especially when I play with my own band. I play on an Epiphone Les paul standard with a seymour duncan '59 in the neck and a custom 5 in the bridge position.

I read up on a couple of threads and I understand that a lot of people go for a Fender amp because it has the best clean sounds and than add a distortion pedal to it to get the dirty sounds.I was thinking maybe a Proco Rat2 or a Blackstar or maybe a big muff. SO I was thinking maybe a Fender Hot Rod deluxe or a Blues Deluxe Reissue which both have 40 watt which should be another power for the small seized gigs I am doing. Can somebody by the way explain me the difference in the both because I don't really understand it. Also i was thinking about the Fender Hot Rod Series Blues Junior NOS 15W those seem to be pretty nice too but I am just not sure if the 15 watt will be enough or let me say it differently I think the sound might break too early. The other issue is I also want to play it at home so it should also be playable at normal amounts of volume.

oh and while I was surfing the net I saw that I can get the Hot Rod deluxe for $530 factory resealed on SamAsh.com which sounds like a good price to me which gives me enough space to add a nice pedal too it without leaving my price range.

I am not completely fixed on Fender i just heard that they are pretty nice for the price.

Thank you everybody for your help.
I have a B-52 AT 2-12 and it's excellent for the price. Great Classic rock tube tone and a solid state setting. I think you'd probably want something a bit better though, given that you have more money than me lol. I got mine used for 500
As long as your not playing metal, the Hot Rod deluxe should be good. (Edit: A little touchy to get bedroom levels, has a spastic volume knob at about 1.5 - 2). It's not optimal for Zep, but will work with the right od. I see hot rod's go for $400 on craigslist, are you in the US where you can use craigslist? The BJ will break up pretty early so your clean headroom is limited with that amp.

Edit: for clarity.
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You'd probably be better served with at Marshall, or something voiced more to the british side of the spectrum, as those are the primary amps used by your examples. Look into Oranges, Laney, or something more like that.
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I think it's a 100 watt too, so it can be loud. But sounds okay quiet too. Great clean tone and distorted tone though
If you're going with Fender get the Blues Deluxe RI or the Blues Deville, the Hot Rods aren't that great of amps, at least not on the "Drive" and "More Drive" channels, the latter especially being quite muddy.

But, maybe, MAYBE, you could find a used Twin Reverb or Deluxe Reverb and get an OD pedal?
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look into the traynor ycv40

fender cleans marshall crunch

i'd trae my hot rod for one in a heartbeat

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Deluxe Reverbs go (used) for $500-700 so yes, and better amps than the hot rod series.
Wow you guys are awesome I just posted this an hour ago and people are already replaying thanks a lot. Yes I am located in the U.S in the Detroit Metro Area.
I forgot about my big love of pink Floyd so the amp should also be able to do that.

well I am not really too worried about not getting the perfect distortion out of the amp itself since I can just get a pedal.

I am always a little afraid of buying used amps because there might be some idiot selling it and it breaks down after two days or so......
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/820470365.html Fender Vibrolux, Nice $650.
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/821953114.html Palomino V32, it'll go. $275
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/818478735.html Big Bad Classic 50, $375
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/811751694.html Rivera - $750.

All would do what you want, very good "not metal" amps. They are priced in order of demand. I would have a hard time picking because they are all great amps IMO.
Happy hunting bro!
Marshalls break up pretty early, if you want a clean amp that will stay relatively clean at higher volumes, look for a used Fender Twin Reverb for around $700-800.
yo man, grab that rivera.
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if you can have luck going for a used jcm800 you could maybe find one in your price range. also a traynor ycv50 blue is a really, really good amp for a classic marshall rock sound.
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OK I believe there was a JCM600 on that list...
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/815806307.html "asking" $500, sonuffah bit..

Just some good used stuff to consider, good amps are built like bombshelters, and the costs of replacing caps and tubes is overstated for as often as it needs to be done. Save some cash and get great gear.
Why are you guys reccomending fenders? (ok yeah cleans = giant awesome that hot intern who subs for your math class tits) BUT TS you look like you want a more british voicing

Traynor YCV series
Crate Palomino series
because he wants an amp that does not break up early.

Ideally, a british voiced amp isn't a bad idea, but if he wants a lot of clean headroom, a Fender and a OCD or box of rock works well too will probably fit his needs just fine.
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i have a hot rod deluxe and i play the sort of music you play, clapton, pink floyd etc. its a great amp, i agree with all the above stuff about the drive channels being muddy so i use a pedal for that, but i play mostly cleans anyway.

the only thing i disagree with is the issue about volume levels when playing at home - i never had any problem turning it down to acceptable levels but then maybe my old lady is more tolerant than most
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Go for the Palomino. Great cleans, and at least with the V32 you've got lots of headroom before it starts breaking up, and it's got a sweet OD channel.
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True, IMO that V32 is the best "value" of the amps I listed. That Rivera was pretty tempting too tho, and the JCM. *makes note, go to DTW with bonus check one day*.
Other amps to look at:

Used SF Bassman.
Used SF Super Reverb.
Used/New Epiphone Blues Custom 30.
Trust me, the Blues Jr. is big enough. I get complaints for being too loud, when playing with it at our practices.

It is a fantastic amp, I'd go for it, if I was you. 40w is just too much, tbh.
well I guess I am between the Blues deluxe and the Hot Rod Series Blues Junior NOS.

I don't want to go any bigger simply because I don't think I will ever need it.
I want a fender because of the beautiful cleans I can always get a nice pedal later.
but I would really love a lot of headroom.
By the way, on Hot Rod Deluxe... it's an old school amp, you want to use a Strat MIA with it. If you do this, it sounds beyond sex.

Also, I have my clean master on 3.1 and the drive maxed out, and it's volume on 2.

You are supposed to control the volume with the strats volume.. with those settings on the hot rod, 4 - 5 is plenty loud enough for home practise on clean and around 3 for dirty.

Also, why do people slag the over-drive on the Hot Rod? Serious SRV style tones going on from where I'm sitting. I don't tend to touch the "more drive" much though.

Hope that helps you control the volume on the amp.
traynor makes a good tube amp for the price. i think they sell their 40 watts brand new for around 700$. 40 watts will be all you need, unless you're playing an unmiked stadium.
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http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/829942278.html Deluxe reverb used. Asking $700 with upgraded speaker and tubes. That is worth a try too.
http://detroit.craigslist.org/msg/825066917.html 65 Princeton Reverb reissue, 15 watts. I played both of these amps recently side by side and they both oozed classic fender. Asking $750 on the 65 princeton.
Any of these amps (and the traynor and imgoolys recs and others) are good for what you want to play. The Deluxe, Princeton, YCV40 and Blues Jr all do quiet well IMO. There are things you can do to a Blues Jr to get more headroom. Some people prefer to buy new, but at the prices used, it's tough to not explore the options. Good luck.
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thanks everybody
well so does the Traynor clean sound come close to the Fender? and the distorted channel would that be good for classic and hard rock? it seems like that might be the better package overall. The clips on the website sound great but does anybody have experience with it? I mean it's the same price.

yeah you are right gregs1020 I'm always a little scared buying used especially tubes you never know what was done to them but yeah the prices are worth it.
so I was looking around and Orange and Laney are all clearly out of my price range but Traynor isn't especially the YCV40 or the YCV40WR but if I heard right on youtube the YCV50 Blue sounds even more beautiful. maybe i will just expand my range a little and get that one. musicians friend sells them for $779 on ebay I can get it new for $665 including shipping (http://cgi.ebay.com/Traynor-YCV50BLUE-Tube-Guitar-Amp-Traynor-ycv50_W0QQitemZ290258717499QQihZ019QQcategoryZ3278QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

Does anybody have any experience with any of those?
You may as well get the YCS50. The new line from Traynor. I have one. it's does the plexi thing better than a plexi and the clean channel is very good. The reverb is not as good as some of those fenders but it is quite usable. Top it off with fx loop, independent fx reverb and eq controls, power switching from 50/15Watts, and a wide variety of tone options make this an excellent value.

If you want a bid more power and headroom you could opt for the YCS90 which is a bit more money but weighs the same as the 50. It has 2 Celestion Century Vintage speakers with Neodymium magnets (supposedly comparable to a Vintage 30 like in the 50)
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If you're going with Fender get the Blues Deluxe RI or the Blues Deville, the Hot Rods aren't that great of amps, at least not on the "Drive" and "More Drive" channels, the latter especially being quite muddy.

But, maybe, MAYBE, you could find a used Twin Reverb or Deluxe Reverb and get an OD pedal?