I recently bought MXL 990/991 Microphones. I haven't used them yet. I opened them. It came with an Audio Buddy pre-amp.


My band was originally going to buy a Toneport UX2, but we decided to go with just recording our amps with the mics. I am going to sell the Audio Buddy on eBay because we won't be using it. We decided to buy these chords to connect to the mics and then to the USB port on our Mac computer.


We are going to be using GarageBand. Will the quality be decent with these mics? We just need a good enough sound. It doesn't have to be perfect. Also, which mic would you use to record the amps? How would you record the drums?

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Ditch the cable you are looking into. It wont work with condenser mics anyways.

You need an audio interface, with 2 inputs in XLR format. These mics require phantom power as well so be sure your interface has that.

I suggest the PreSonus Inspire 1394 interface. It's firewire connected but most macs have firewire anyways so that wont be a problem. This product is great for the price. You will be very happy with it.
Will the quality be good? Do you know how to record the drums and amps? Thanks!
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I use the 57 mostly to mic amps but the 991 can work in this setting as well.
The 1394 and MXL set are both great products which will give you a very nice sound.

For drums you will need at least three mics, two overheads (similar to the 991s) and one for the kick drum.
You may be able to get by with the two MXLs in the room placed on stands to capture the full drum set however I've never tried this...
Will the 990 be a good bass drum mic? If not which one is the best one to get? If I just have 2 mics could I use one to be an overhead and the other for the snare or bass drum? Thanks!
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No I would not use the 990 on a kick drum, a condenser is more fragile and may break. You may have some luck with the 991 but chances are it will cut out the low end...

A dynamic mic would work best for a bass drum, they also work well for bass cabs.