Anyone else enjoy side jobs?

I just went to the kennel to pick up the dog and while I was there Steve, (The owner) started asking what I did for a living. I started telling him how I record music as a hobby and plan to get into the TV Production field.

A few minutes later he had me switching his cables boxes around. So long story short, I did 5 minutes of work and got paid $40.
He also mentioned he has some old analog tapes which he would want to put onto DVD and so he took down my cell number and plans on calling me again to get that started.

looks like I have a few side jobs for the weekends coming soon.
Once and a while i will play the national anthem, or something patriotic at ceremonies.
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Hmm.. I thought this was a thread explaing some new addition to the already well established hand jobs and blow jobs. Not entirely sure how side jobs would work.

Not entirely sure I want to know.
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I work at a pizza place, but on the side I do random ****, like build a fence, fix this/that etc.
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