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I have heard that the fender hss are the most versitile.
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the ibanez iceman ic-400 is pretty damn versitile. i put a set of emgs in mine and its good for anything. metal, rock, blues, shred, and hell, country too. im sure there are tons of versitile guitars but this is my favorite because its what i own :P
Variax 700. Covers acoustic, slide, electric, 12 string (electric and acoustic). 2 empty slots for alternate tuning. Connected to a POD it does it does quite alot.
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My roommate's Joe Satriani signature guitar is really nice...it really does play everything.
I own a G&L Comanche and have found it to be very versatile. The Zcoil pickups are capable of getting everything from a strat chime, to a Les Paul thick sustained tone. The toggle switch allows additional pickup configurations that allows one to get a huge range of sounds.