So I was gonna buy some new strings for my strat (squier ) and I realized that the only strings I've ever bought were Fender strings.

So I was wondering, will buying different brands of strings change the tone that much? What brands should I try out?

Edit: I think I have .09s on my guitar right now.
Yeah strings change the tone. I mean, Fender strings have alright tone so you're pretty safe getting those. I get Ernie Ball Super Slinky and I can tell a great difference from my old ones, which were just factory stings.
i dont belive different brands make noticable differences in tone

i mainly buy them for survivability and cost efficiancy

my alien sweat rusts strings like mad

d'addario strings are very popular, seem like a middle of the road way to go

i hear elixer strings are great, and you can expect 1 pack to last about 3 times as long as ernie ball strings, never tried them as they are 3 times the cost too :\
thinker or lighter strings will effect tone a lot, string brands do change tone but it's to a pretty small degree. I prefer GHS Boomers, Dean Markley Blue Steels, Dean Markley or GHS in general really for me but it's all personal preference. You want something that you are comfortable bending, but won't bend when you are fretting normal notes, also you want strings that are nice and durable. Try out a few brands and see what you like.
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