I am thinking about buying the Ibanez K5 bass guitar to try to get that sound of Korn, but I don't know if it is worth the money? can you give me advice of where to buy one and if I should buy one.... THANX!!!!
Google, my friend.
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Uh id say go with the sr505. Can get his sound outa most ibanez's just by cutting ALL mids and cranking the bass/treble
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Ibanez K5 = SR505 without any of the good bits. Do what everyone with a brain here is or will tell you to do, get the SR505.
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Google, my friend.

Actually his question about "is it worth the money" is a decent question to ask his fellow Ibanez players.

I concur on going with the SR series. If you can find an older SR with vari-mid controls, you can get an endless amount of tonal qualities out of those puppies. But even an entry level SR205 should get you close enough for your purposes and not break the bank.