I plugged the pedal into the computer using a USB, and i downloaded the X-edit thing and I also downloaded the updater. I updated it, and then it said it had to do a factory reset, and the updater froze and the pedal just says UP. I've tried googling the problem, but nothing's showing up... please help? Thanks.
Did you try unplugging it?


Edit: or UP=update?

Is it still under warranty? You could return it if it is.
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yeah, you have to unplug it to complete the update and recycle it. There are two or three specific steps for reset...just follow manual (assuming you are doing that already).

are you sure it froze or was it 'working'. How fast is your internet and was youtube videos shut down maybe as an example.

when it came time to reset it said 'reset' i think...did you get that far?
311ZOSOVHJH, where you the one that wanted the 9 page spreadsheet of G-DEC sounds? I PMed you.

If you PM me your e-mail i'll send them to you.

And to stay on topic, unplug it.
ewsrocks - yes i did and replied with email several days ago, so if you didn't see that i'll resend.

Guitarisfun - i found this from an old post of mine. (Search 'reset RP=')
did you follow the Reset instructions exactly?

using the Store button?
you saw 'FCTRST'?
stands for factory reset
yeah do a factory reset, should be the same for the 150
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Thanks for the help, guys.

The problem was that UP meant update, the pedal got frozen at the end of the update, so i just had to update it again.

So, yeah, thankx.