Dam guitars being all wood

i was planning on rebuilding this ibanez 1985 roadster II , but as i was sanding it down i discovered it was cracked in two places , they not huge cracks or anything but there still cracks so i was wondering if it would hurt it tone wise and if i could fix it or prevent it from cracking more

the cracks are basically near the front pick up but that would get a pickguard over it and near the back pick up / bridge

The crack near the front pick up is hardly anything , but the back is a decent size
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haha you guys are great ok here comes the pics
and wow im an idoit i really misinformed you guys about were they cracks were

and im not sure if this split is spouse to be there

Holy giant pics. They dont look like a huge deal to me..unless Im looking in the wrong place?
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thanks alot and sorry for the BIGGG PICTURES gotta make up for my small penis ... hahahhaha
way to diss yourself bro!
I've used wood glue to fill cracks and holes. Fill the crack and sand the excess glue away!
Mighty Putty!
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