Hello all. I am looking to improve my playing, so i would like to make my own workout. So what i'm asking for is for people to post their exercises that work the best. i would like to copy and paste a whole bunch of exercises in a document and print it out so i could have it to do every day.
I would like exercises for all techniques, such as picking, legato, sweeping, etc. I would also like some rhythm exercises, or suggestions of songs that are more than just power chord strumming.
Thanks a lot.

deliciously spanish and can be applied for a shred workout too.
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I play Master of Puppets to work on my picking hand. Then I play "The Mechanix' by Megadeth to work out my fretting hand. I then play some video game music which kinda helps get used to sweep picking and string skipping. Then I play my own songs I make. Once in a while I play a scale and try to speed it up while trying to sound as clean as possible.
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