This is the UGLIEST thing i have EVER seen! I gagged as soon as my eyes made contact with this horrid-looking piece of crap.


Well, it's not THAT bad... but still, it's pretty ugly. In my opinion, LP + maple fretboard = FAIL.


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*shrugs* I kinda like it, it's different.


I wonder how it feels.
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Ugly? I like it, I think if Epiphone were to do a line that weren't Zakk Wylde Customs and were'nt specific to a certain genre, I'd pick one up :P, just to be different to the LP crowd

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I like a bit of white on black............

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i think it looks kinda purty and im the 8th person to say so so i guess its just you TS
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It's good for the economy.

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I like a bit of white on black............

I saw the albino black in the title and wondered about the color. I really like it, but I'd want one in sunburst.
It looks ok. I'd take it, but it wouldn't be the first thing i'd pick out.
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i like it. but i wouldnt buy it.... if that makes sense.

same with me.
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Looks like a Lescaster
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hey, **** you, i was going to buy that, its actually pretty nice looking because its not very common, its good to have something that everyone else doesnt already own.
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Is that a maple neck on a black LP?

+1, it's actually nice, don't hate it because it's different.
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Nice looking guitar. *shrugs*

Not a fail at all. In fact if it sounds good, it's all win baby.


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Meh, I don't like the look of Agile Les Paul copies at all. It's just that headstock and the strange cutaway on it just ruin it for me. And I don't like the maple neck on a Gibson.

*puts up flameshield*

EDIT: And, just a question, but why buy something because it looks different? Surely you'd buy it because you like the looks and sound...

I know what you mean by the saying of it, but still, I wouldn't buy something because it looks different.
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Mmmm, Maple.
Though if the guitar was desert yellow, with a foyd rose style trem and HSH it'd look so much more cooler

To be honest I don't like black and maple, but I'd buy it over most les pauls probably.
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I think it looks pretty damn cool.
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I love it. I love maple fretboard on black guitar.
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So says the man with the fake Starcaster, I like it. come on dude you have a maple neck and a black strat LAWL
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So says the man with the fake Starcaster, I like it. come on dude you have a maple neck and a black strat LAWL

That was good... i've give you that.

But also, mine is a strat body and ALSO has a maple NECK, not just fretboard, and a maple head. It doesn't look AS weird. And also it has dot inlays. Idk... i just don't like it... it's MY opinion... which obviously isn't hardly anyone elses.

But i DO like the look of the Rogue LP-style guitars... the ones with maple necks and DOT INLAYS. I don't know why... but i just dislike this guitar. I guess i shouldn't have said "LP guitars + maple fretboards", and should've said THIS guitar.