My Delta Blues just arrived and I have a couple questions from those that own this amp.
1. The amp sounds just amazing but the reverb is barely audible. It is only when I crank it up to ten that I can hear any reverb at all. To me this can not be normal so any suggestions about what may be wrong will be appreciated.

2. When the amp has been on and played for a bit I go to switch it off and it makes some loud crackling noises as it shuts down. The sound is reminicent of a speaker frying. Does yours do this? IF not any suggestions would be great.
I no that you can not expect perfect from Ebay I just want to have an idea of what may be up. Thanks in advance
Make sure the wires going to the reverb tank are plugged in all the way. If it's tube driven you may just need to replace the tube. For the pop, yeah, that's normal. Just flip the amp to standby before you turn it off. The pop is just what the amp sounds like when it turns off. The only danger is that if the pop is loud enough it can damage the speaker.
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1. Yeah, that's not what mine does. To be honest, I don't know what to tell you. I know the reverb isn't tube-driven, so that can't be it. I'd say just take it to a tech, see if you can get a free evaluation.
2. Mine makes a little click when I turn it on and off, but nothing like that. Once again, have a tech take a quick look at it.