When i write songs i use either slower riffs that consist of a fair amount of chords plaid in a more chunky-er progression and fast progressions that conist of few chords, and someone mentioned that because of that, the fact that some songs that ive written are pretty simple, and i don't like learning alot of other peoples songs, he says it just flat out means i suck, so i was wondering if it really is true(ive only been playing for a year so im still learnin i just want to know if im just terrible and need to practice more or if im moving at a steady rate.)
do you know any theory? and learning other riffs is good for showing you new means of, well, making riffs, instead of just using chords.
Honestly, i've only been playing for a year also, and some songs i write begin slow and simpl too. But, add a little touch ups like some cool hammer-ons or taps every little hear and there for m0ore of a not-so-repetitive pattern and get bored. Also if you like fast music, incorporate slow then get faster as the song builds, it sounds awesome. Don't forget the solos
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how are they gonna say you suck if it sounds good

i really do recommend playing songs that aren't yours though - unless you're a god-sent guitar genius, you won't be able to come up with anything too awesome without learning the fretboard through other songs.
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ive been playing for 11 years..hell no it doesnt mean you suck, youll get better and start experimenting with more things and different progressions
It's all about the song - not how fast you play or how many chords you use. Many of the best songs off all time use only 2-3 chords.

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Keep at it! Unless someone else has been playing for the exact same amount of time they can't say anything!
Nirvana - when have you ever heard a random person who doesnt play guitar walk up to you and go, wow, the guitarists in Nirvana suck because they have such simple songs.

Ive never heard anyone who hasnt tried to play theyre song say that theyre really easy, yet nirvana are one of the most famous bands ever, its just how everything goes together, unless its an instrumental, its usually the singing that people pay most attention to anyway.
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i was just like that, it doesn mean u suck, if it plays good, and has a good sound then u dont suck, i couldn start making songs within a year of me playing (ive been playing for 2 and a half years now) i just learned alot of songs, but now i make alot of riffs and stuff, what works for me is just play around alot, mix different stuff around, go from chords to power chords to notes, etc. just play around.
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your way to hard on yourself, i say if greenday can do it so can you

but when your big and famous dont play like them, please
if you write and you like it, then thats it. if your friend tells you you suck, well.. ask someone who matters.
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what everyon else has said is right,
inexperience people just assume playing fast means your good
but slow songs can be more technically difficult and even sound better
think about it this way - your riffs must suck a lot less than the wanker down the road who's only ever touched a Guitar Hero fretboard....nothing against against GH, just pissed at this guy i know really lol....

seriously, if keep playing there's no way you can "suck".

ive only been playing for a year too and whatever dickhead said that to you is a comlete show off.
it really dosent mean you suck if you play like that
coz majority of people play like that
well ones that have only been playing for a year or so
woah,that was a big rant for me.
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