Yo, I'm new to playin guitar. I play electric and I know all 8 basic chords by now and all that kinda stuff, so i was wondering if some1 knew of an easy song i could learn to start me off.

EDIT: I like Metallica (who doesn't) nirvana, G'n'R, the who, disturbed. stuff like that
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anything off of Nirvana Unplugged in NY, easy ****
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thx now i know who's a dick

lol, +1 and you should learn Like A Stone by Audioslave. that was the first song i learned... that or Californication by RHCP
yea you should forsure look at nirvana unplugged or anything by ccr if your into old rock , it basically is about what genre you want to play
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Depends what you like listening to, I always think it's better to learn the songs that you want to play, rather than what someone else might think is easy.

That being said, here are some of the first songs I remember learning, and some that I think are suitable for beginners. I've tried to list songs that use the chords you've probably learned.

Hotel Yorba - White Stripes
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
By The Rivers of Babylon - Sublime (Boney M cover)
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise - White Stripes
Minority - Green Day
Teen Spirit - Nirvana
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This is the wrong forum. I'm sure there's a thread on this in Guitar and Bass basics. But Californication is a good one, as is Smoke on the Water (The whole song, not just the main riff), and possibly Iron Man (If you can pull off the solo). Happy jamming!
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If ur lookin for somethin really easy just to start u off, play the beer song from psychostick, it doesnt have cords but its really f**kin easy
Well I'm not sure if you like these bands, but this songs the the ones that i've learned during my first weeks or playing.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
All American Rejects - Paper Heart
311 - Amber
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Fall Out Boy - Any.

A nice one, and a classic that i've just learned today is Wonderwall by Oasis.

Good luck.