The first verse was my own ideas, but i forgot the paper at my girlfriends house and she added 4 more verses. the song was first called "Place Without" but she changed it to the thread title.

A Place Without You

There's a place so dark, you can hardly see.
There's a place so cold, you can hardly breathe.
There's a place so small, you can barely move.
Not too many people there, so it's hard to prove.

There's a place so bright, you'd think it's nice.
Instead of the cold, dark, place you'd think is night.
There is such a place without you.
But I don't know what the hell I'd do.

If I ever came anywhere close to that,
I might as well just hide under a baseball hat.
Not that that's the worst, just listen to this verse,
There's always the one thing that'll land you in the hearse.

If you think I need a shrink, then I'm not surprised.
In fact, just last week I devised my own demise.
Cheers, to the life that I'm losing.
And to me, for the horrible path that I'm choosing.

I'm a dark guy, no doubt about that,
But when I'm in a place with you, you change all of that.
I get a little crazy just knowing that maybe,
that I'll be without you, please don't leave me.

ok, I must admit, those aren't the exact words that she used, i just recently changed them while i was typing this. once again, the first verse was mine.
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