Is up at myspace.com/steelmartyrs

Check it out, and feel free to add us!

The newest song is Bleeding Through, so check that out first.

(and i don't really think we are godly, i'm just trying to get some attention)
i CTRL+c and then Ctrl+v that right thur and then rocked out.

and i still see two threads my man, just send all the admins to your myspace and tell them to be open minded, they will understand.
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this is probably gonna make me look stupid, but what does Ctrl c and Ctrl v do?
oh allright lol, not big on computers. Well thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it. Which song do you like best?
Haha, thanks. And sure i'll check out your band, ill probably send you a friend request as well.

And as for the double post, i did delete the first one i put up today, the other one your seeing is a few days old and i was just replying to a few people, that's why its at the top of the forum. But it is an old thread.