Ive had my f-50 for almost a year now and i love it to tears.

recently ive been playing around with a RP-80, and ive been trying out the effects loop. What should i set the FX send to? its 10%-90%.

Also i was wondering if anyone had an EQ settings of just the MESA i could try.

Im looking for tones like Lamb of God, FAll of troy, and killswitch engage just to name a few.

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That's a multi fx right? You're best bet is to run it at max (90%) unless you want the effects to be subtler you can dial it down.

Edit: I don't have settings, but I found the best way to adjust the settings on my F30 is to adjust the settings from left to right. That's how the owner manual said to do it. I though it was strange since I usually started with mids, but I liked the sound I got adjusting my amp this way.
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