I could only find a bit help in the guitar accesory forum for my amp and choice of pedal and now i'm here to ask you guys for help on a good guitar that will probably last me through my practice days to forever. As you can see here is the post that tells you about my budget and playstyle. (another hint is ill be playing fast stuff and would like to play small blues on the guitar).


That thread has two dean guitars that I were looking at buying, if you guys have any other suggestions maybe in the $400-500 range, please feel free to post.

I've read the rules and i believe this is the right forum, please correct me if it's not, thanks.
no offense or anything but if you spend 400-500 its not gonna last forever. look into a high end ibanez and im not a big fan of dean(IMO). or look into like a high end BC Rich.
or possibly just maybe a PRS.
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I honestly can't go near ibanez, has some sort of family curse to me for some odd reason. Not sure if i should try one out again. (I think it's because i look at them like scheter)

Edited: when i say forever i think i meant 2-4 years.
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i mean, i guess if you reallllllly want the "look" of a metal guitar or whatever you could go for a cheep dean or ibanez... but you really wont get great quality of sound out of ibanez unless you get a high middle end/expensive ibanez. and im not a huge fan of the cheep deans. if you want something that will last you a while then i highly suggest looking at a PRS SE series. either the singlecut or custom. its a about a hundred out of the price range you suggested but the guitar screams. even if you get a epiphone les paul standard as a cheeper alternative to the PRS, thats probably a better choice too in terms of sound/durability. if you absolutely need a guitar with a floyd rose style trem... then the only ones that will last a while and wont break/not work right are the expensive guitars with original floyd roses on them. the liscensed floyd roses and the cheep ibanez trems dont compare at all.

idk, you get what you pay for is what im trying to say i guess. those 200-400 dollar deans/ibanez's arent bad for just starting out and stuff... but if you are really looking to have them long term without doing any kind of part replacing, then they might not be the best