yeah its awesome,picked it up at launch date
the guitar work noticably changed in this but i like it
sure isn't as good as Kona Town and No Shame but nonetheless its a kickass album
so many views but no replies
tsk tsk
Dick+strings= owww
Thanks. I'm a fan of Kona Town and I didn't know if PC&GV was anything like it.
i like the direction they took on this album
YOU PEOPLE who are lookin in on this thread should check it out
tis sexy
like not me
so you know its sexy!
Dick+strings= owww
They totally ripped off Coconut Pete with that album title.
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Ramco i worship you and your awesome comment \m/
yay another white-boy reggae band
I love all forms of Rock 'n' Roll, past and NOT present
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yay another white-boy reggae band

bugger off these guys are pretty good
race should't play into music you asswipe
Dick+strings= owww
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yay another white-boy reggae band

hmm as i remember kaleo isnt a english name i believe its hawaiian and i think him and bret are hawaiian. Yee isnt hawaiian but this is def a legit hawaiian band they were all at least born and raise in kona hawaii.
Pepper played at my high school during lunch once. They're a pretty well known band here as they're a Volcom band which is based in this city.