I just recently bought a Crybaby, but it seems liek when the battery starts running low, it starts losing its "Effect" slightly, is it the pedal, or is it just me?

Also, does anyone know where I can get a felt pad that pushes on the bypass button?

Any tips on using a wah to the best of its ability are also appreciated.
That's normal with most effects, that's why a lot of people use power supplies.

Maybe buy some felt from a hobby or a craft store and just use some super glue or hot glue.
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When crybaby batteries are low, the wah gets quieter and doesn't sound as good.

I suggest getting the power adapter.
The Crybaby only sounds as good as it can when you use a power supply, I find
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it could be that, or if you are running after a distortion pedal it wont sound as good.
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