My last threat didnt come out right.. so I decided to restart it.

Through a series of events, I acquired a kramer ripley. It looks like this:

i got it for free.
the neck is a little warped and it makes no noise plugged in, but im assuming it can all be fixed.

Whats a ripley usually worth? I hear there pretty good.
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Whos the moron that owned it before? Putting the strings overtop the retained on the headstock

I'd guess around the $1200 mark IF its in good condition. I'm not sure by those blurry pictures how yours is but it won't fetch that high, and I'm not about to give you a value. Check ebay for how much they are going for. Its not your run of the mill Kramer and its semi rare so you got a steal getting it for free.
I can see some fret wear but nothing major. How bad is the neck warped? The electronics could be fixed but since its very difficult to get replacement parts if needed, good luck on that. Why did the guy give it to you for free? I doubt someone would just give you a Ripley, working or not for free. The body and OFR alone are worth $300 at least if the Floyd is in good condition. (80's OFR's were so much better built)
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we just got it with the strings like that. It was in my cousins basement just rotting doing nothing so I took it.. Its already been restrung properly with new strings.
Well congrats man, its definitely a keeper. Nice guitar, try and fix it up and enjoy it
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
Well, the fret wear isnt too bad but the buzzing is pretty bad. The fact ive never owned a floyd rose and know little about it doesn;t really help. It was an adventure to string it till eventually I got it and was like.. oh..

But hopefully I can get it fixed up, thx for the help.
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