Alright so today, i decided to take off my les paul's pickguard. I never really liked it that much, but i didn't hate it. After taking it off, i think i decided i like it better that way. Only problem is, there are two smallish screw holes where it was screwed into the body. One to the right of the end of the fretboard, and one on the side of the body. If i want to leave the pickguard off, how might i go about fixing these holes?
I have a Gibson les paul vintage mahogany if that helps.
id just leave it alone if it dont scream at everyone who walks past

but if u want u can fill the holes wit wood putty and find find a color close to it and paint over it
idk what to tell u then dude...
mayb get wood filler close to the natural wood color and some stain close too
sence its just 2 screw holes it shouldnt b too noticable
Maybe you could just put the screws back in. If they are too long you can get some shorter ones.
Why don't you order a custom pick guard made out of the same wood or better yet an exotic wood, plus matching wood pickup rings?
i've seen guitars with the holes. it's very unnoticeable. dont touch it at all. it's probably gonna look worse if you fill it and paint it. just leave it alone PELASE!
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