Ok so ive been playing guitar for quite a while now but have only really played some rock/metal stuff. I recent picked up my old acoustic that I started on and really want to get into this style of music. Now this acoustic was my aunts when she was a kid so it is at least 20 years old. It says Montaya on the headstock, It needs new tuners, some new bride pins, and some strings. I was just wondering If you guys thought i should just buy the things i need for this guitar or just go out and buy a cheap beginner acoustic to play on. I have already looked around used and cant seem to find anything cheap.
I googled Montaya guitars, and from what I've found, some of them are really nice. Try to figure out if it's got any solid woods in it (ie solid top, or solid back). I'm not sure how you do this, or if you can, but if it's got solid wood, fix it up.
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If it's a 20yr. old guitar why by new? 20yr. old guitars [none of my guitars are less than 30yr. old] if they are half decent sound a lot better better than new because they have been played in and developed some mellow tone. They are also often worth more than new if in good condition. Get some new bridge pins and strings and fire the old girl up!

In that case i would go for a cheap takamine beginner acoustic of maybe an epi for a bit more.