I recently got a Schecter with a Floyd Rose and i am completely new to these things. I've been told in order to tune from EBGDAE to DGCFAD (whole step down) that there needs to be some re-adjusting in the floyd rose...Is this true and if so, what are some good sites that teach you how

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there's a thread on it somewhere here, likely in the Electric guitar forum
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okay, can't really give you a site, maybe youtube, but once you tune it down there, you would need to adjust the spring tension to put the trem back into a "nuetral" position, also, if you haven't noticed, it's a pain to retune it,
hope that helps
hey, do you have to do any adjustments on a Floyd rose if your going from standard to dropped D?? and are they a pain to tune?...sorry about the threadjack
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they can be a pain to tune, just cuz you make one string go down and all the others go up, and wash rinse repeat, drop d takes 15 minutes, and as far as adjustments for drop d, it just depends, check, and if you get buzz on higher frets, try either moving springs to pull harder which would even out the trem, otherwise, you'll have to get another spring and add it on
Don't bother trying multiple tunings on a guitar with a Floyd - it's just hell. You should have another guitar to play different tunings with.
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de-tune your guitar 1/2-step. you'll see the tremolo unit start to tilt backwards down into the recess cavity. then loosen the tension springs in the back of the guitar to level off the tremolo unit. loosening the springs in the back also has the effect of down-tuning the strings as well.
you'll probably have to go thru a few back-and-forth adjustments like this to keep the tremolo unit level, and get it down-tuned 1 whole step.