hey guyz,i need 2 buy a new guitar and i couldn`t chose wich one till now and it`s been 4 months
i`m a lead guitar player , playz progressive metal stuff " into john petrucci alot" and i also play riffs ... so wat i have in mind is this
1st guitar is : ibanez RG2550z ...i like it "prestige u kno" but i haven`t try the dimarzio IBZ pickups so i`m afraid of their sound if they r gd or not .

2nd guitar is : ibanez rgt6ex or rgt42dx ,,,,like the neck-thru and mohagoney body but u kno EMGs :S i think they won`t work with me ...and also the Edge III is sucks so i was thinkin of gettin them then replace them with an original floyd rose if i can.

3rd guitar is : ibanez XPT700,,,,like the pickups and the neck but the cut of it ,,it`s weird for me and i can deal with it if i got it ,,and u kno the same problem like the RGT """edge III"""

the reason that i`m gettin IBANEZ that i`m used 2 play ibanez years ago and i love the 5 pc wizard neck

HOPE U GUYZ GIMME UR OPINION AND IF U HAVE another suggestions bout the guitar THAT MIGHT WORK WITH ME LEMME KNO ,,,and thnx 4 ur time
bucky844 wat`s ur opinion ,,, not bout my ****ed up english maybe ,,but bout guitars