In feb. at philly,im wondering what i should start doing for practice from now until then.Im going back to lessons starting friday,i have books like alfreds guitar method 1&2.Some tab books as well.

Can anyone recommend me songs to learn,stuff to practice,anything ?
Anyone go there now?Can you tell me how your audition went?What i should be looking for when i go there.

I want to major in songwriting/performance or professional musician.

So i ask UG for help thank you all.
i'm not going to school for music, let alone berklee. i have friends that are studying music though and I know the ability to sight read is important. Also, for a couple of the kids I know, the college gave them a piece of music to learn and perform as well as a sight reading. good luck, god-speed
you'll have 15 mins to do this

a prepared piece of your choice
reading (if you can)
simple form blues
an optional improvisation over a standard jazz tune or harmonic vamp
melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ear training exercises
maybe jam with the staff type thing

I just read that on berklee's boston website about interviews

I'd do something melodic and instrumental unless you sing, Maybe satch type stuff and practice soloing and boxes maybe???

IDK really cuz i've never done it
Like the guy above me said, there are all of those things in the interview as well as a personal interview with a representative of the college.

Do a piece that represents you, but make sure you don't choose something too hard just to show you can play fast. Make sure you can play it GOOD. If you have the sheet music to give the judges it is a plus.

As far as chords, know your maj, min, 7's, 9's. If you know them in at least 2 or 3 inversions its a plus.