I've been planning on getting a new Fender American Strat for a while now, and I was wondering what the differences are between Fender American Standard strats, American Deluxe strats, American Standard HSS strats, and American Deluxe standard HSS strats.
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HSS strats have humbuckers on the bridge and SSS have three single coils.
The bridge and electronics. The Deluxe have the Noiseless pickups along with a different trem and bridge set up. Personally I don't think you should buy a Deluxe. I have one right now and I'm trying to sell it. The SSH's are the same deal. SSH's are more versatile though. Personally I wouldn't buy any Fenders. That's just my opinion though.
there are differences, you may or may not notice right away depending on how long you've been playing. differences would be: technology (wiring/part mechanics) cosmetic (finish) tone(pups/woods/?) overall feel (neck contour/fret size) to name a few
they are all amazing guitars

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So from what I've gathered, the main difference between a Standard and an HSS is that the HSS has a humbucker (I finally get why it's called an HSS :P). So is the HSS good for playing both classical and hard rock + a little bit of metal (Although I'm gettin an ESP soon too)? Also, does the humbucker detract from the versatility of the Standard Strat? Finally, how are the noiseless pickups on the Deluxes different from the pickups on the non-deluxes? Thanks for the answers so far .