i want your wood
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do you have a strat neck? You could measure it, or measure one at your local shop.
I feel like that didn't answer your question...
strat necks are roughly .75'' thick. stewmacs neck prices are ridiculous as hell, and they are flat-sawn...terrible for building necks out of... really really terrible.

buy a body blank from me. half the price of stewmac!
Thanks guys.

LP, I know that its probably not the best wood, but i just want to try it out, i know it probably wont be spectacular. But is it thick enough? i have a strat copy neck, and it's not quite the same thickness. I have been considering buying a body blank from you, how much would it cost to ship to South Dakota, and how much is the blank per board foot?? Would it be enough for wings on a neck through like Overgrones build?? That thing has me inspired so be looking out for a thread in the next couple months.
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it is 14x20x2''. it will leave alot of scrap wood. your neck will be thick enough. i recommend using poplar for a first neck build, just to practice building it, dont ever use it. a standard strat neck thickness is .75'' at the heel.
Well I guess i should get some poplar. Im going to talk to my Technologies teacher tommorow and see if when he orders wood, if he can get me some mahogany. If he can't its just a matter of getting my parents to let me buy it from you.

How much do you think it will cost with shipping? Im on a pretty tight budget untill i get my check for helping my dad on the ranch all summer. Which i should get in a month or two.
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sent ya an email man.

thanks everyone for your help.
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The neck blank you already have is fine. There is nothing at all wrong with using flatsawn maple for a neck. Many awesome guitars use it, including fender for 50 or so years.

Flatsawn is fine. If fenders with flatsawn maple necks from the 50s are still (very) playable now, then it can't be too bad, can it? And flatsawn looks nicer IMO.

EDIT: But if LP addict's is better and cheaper then go for it.
Thanks again guys for the replies.
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That neck blank will be fine, but you wont get an angled headstock out of it (but I imagine you will have a straight one go with the strat theme )

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O yeah, i was going for a flat headstock.
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